Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thanks for the name DAD!

Being the grand time of the year to honor our fathers. I thought I would write a bit about mine. My dad used to tell the story to me of how he took me on my first hunting trip at six weeks old. It wasn't nothing big or far away. Just a good old evening ride in the truck. All growing up however, similar trips were taken. I don't remember necessarily what they all were. I just remember going with my dad. Whether a four wheeler ride at night. A trip early in the morning to the ranch, or just getting up and working. I loved to go with him. He always taught me by what he did and by sometimes what he didn't do. I remember when I got older. We had a special bond. We could work right along the side of one another and almost accomplish a task with out even having to talk. That did not just happen because I was his son here on earth. It didn't just happen cause I had been recently around him. But it started the day I was born. My dad has always loved me, and in return even in the times when it wasn't so apparent, I have loved him. My dad has always been one that has instilled into us kids, many different traits. One of the earliest that I remember, was just when I was just in kindergarten.
A friend and I thought we were treasure hunters. In the middle of our play ground was a cement planter that had a tree planted in it. Around the tree was concrete. My friend and I had spent a few of our recesses chipping away at that cement. Until we had a hole in the middle, both of us wanting to take home a "treasure" loaded up our back packs with all the rocks from our pile. Upon arriving at home and talking to my dad of how my day was. I told him of my treasures. When he found out where I had taken them from he talked to me about honesty. Even though it was just a few pieces of rock and some chunks of concrete, I had indeed taken them when I had not asked if I could. So the next day, a little embarrassed i took all my "treasures" back to the school and placed them into the hole that we had chipped away. I don't remember my dad yelling at me or being upset. I think it was more the disappointment that I had first of all broke something apart then brought it home.
My dad has taught me many different things that now looking on. have become my real treasures. my dad was always there. no matter what was going on, no matter how busy work was for him. He always found the time. My dad wanted to spend time with us. he would often take us to the store to go and get a drink and just take a drive and talk. he would ask us how we were doing, what we were up to in school, and our live.
When I was in college, I was working quite a bit. but during a break between classes. it just so happened that it was my dads morning break at work. almost every morning we would call each other and talk. even though I lived at home I did not see him that much. I loved those moments when we both could sit and talk. We didn't have to worry what was going on around us. My dad gave me a lot of encouragement, advice and a few time opened up my up my mind. Giving me more opportunities.
So to my dad that has taught me so much. Thank you!