Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Repentance. Why procrastinate?

This morning I was studying in the book of Helaman, in the Book of Mormon. The Nephites and the Lamanites have been fighting back and forth for years. At one point the Chief judge, of the Nephites had died. He had three sons that fought back and forth over who should be the next ruler. Two of them went about it pretty fairly and trying to keep what the people really wanted. However the other brother fought them for it. He turned to lies and deception. Due to the conflict the Lamanite army saw the weakness in their guards. Causing them to attack the very center of the land. They attacked the most protected, most secured city of all the Nephites. Killing the last brother and taking the land. They then started to work from the inside to the out. (Helaman chapter 1)
Now if we think about this. We can relate it to our own lives. Lets just say that the three brothers are our decisions. The guards around the city are our values and standards that we live our lives by, and the Lamanites are Satan and his followers, trying to get to us. With our own lives it only can take a matter of a few choices to come to the point where Satan is able to enter our lives and begin to take control of the things that we do. It all starts by letting our guards down. I have found that can come by contention. Or perhaps by saying to our selves, "oh this wont hurt me." If we are not careful we can easily allow things into our lives that will hurt us, bring us farther away from our loved ones, and more importantly our Heavenly Father. As we do against our Heavenly Fathers will, we have need to correct and realign our selves with His will.
We do this through repentance. Getting rid of our habits that are wrong and replacing them with wholesome good ones. It often takes time and is not the easiest thing to do. Through prayer we can talk to God and receive comfort and guidance. It is then when we can feel a greater happiness and peace in our lives that makes things go so much as we would rather have them. God blesses us for doing what is right. They may not be the blessings that we are wanting but they are blessings from Him. And to me that is the greatest Blessing of all, knowing that He really loves me.

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  1. Way cool. It's nice to have another spiritual Child in the family besides Samantha. Glad we found out that we are family. Keep up the good work in spreading the gospel and for your wonderful thoughts. Becki