Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Best Two Years

So two years ago I started perhaps one the greatest thing I will ever do in my life. I have learned so much, hopefully taught many, and been able to be one of the Lords messengers of his truth. Here is a little poem I have written in each area of my mission. It all pertains to people, companions, the area, and the beauty of the state.

My experience From the Great MBM.
Up here under the big open sky.
Teaching all that I can just why.
Why he came and died for me,
And everyone that will understand, you see.

I started out in early fall, thinking that I knew it all.
I lived with a man and his wife,
Whose love and friendship became part of my life.
He showed me a way to love and be,
Almost the kind our Heavenly Father shows to you and me.

I then went to Havre up on the top,
and found that all I could do was drop.
Drop to my knees and ask for a hand,
To carry me on, through that new untamed land.
We fought and we taught to all those that would listen.
Just so we could see their countenance glisten.
Glisten with change that came from the heart,
As they made that covenant with a new start.

Then came Whitefish one of the most beautiful places on earth,
Where you can see what god can do with dirt.
Many people here come and go,
And at times of the year it is really slow.
The president asked me to do something new,
I was told by some “just do what you can do”.
As I soon learned we’re not just sent somewhere to teach,
But try to help those companions, full potential become within reach.
When we are tired and brought to our low,
That is when God really helps us to grow.

                                                                                     Cody Wyoming.
One of the biggest cowboy towns in the west.
Buffalo Bill made this his rest.
Many missionaries told me this would be the best one.
They just didn’t tell me the members, loved everyone!
They welcomed all and always wanted to help.
If you have done this before, you might know how this felt.
When members show love, the investigators seem to flood.
Into the church to learn of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father above!

 I was asked to serve where I would end that fall,
The place I really needed to give it my all.
I had all the right tools I needed to teach of his grace,
But as we know we are not saved just by Grace.
But through baptism and repentance, with that special gift from above.
That gift when used we can really feel Gods love.
The Gospel blesses so many if they will give it a try.
I wish in the beginning I would have not let so many pass by.


As I look at the past two years, with times of blood sweat and tears.
I came to know of his truth and love, by the one who can always be there.
I know God has a plan for me and you, and to follow that plan,
We need to do as we have seen his Son do.
That is to love everyone, and help them come to know who they are,
That we are all God’s children, sent from afar.
I know his son lives and someday we will live too.
But not till after we do as God has commanded us to do.