Thursday, February 3, 2011


Recently my companion and I have been struggling with a flu. Because of it, it has given us some time to do some extra studying. I for some reason found alot of talks and articles on the atonement of Christ. It has really brought to the front of my mind just how great it is to repent and feel that burden lifted from our load. Many times in life we try to cover up our mistakes or sins with other things, that for a moment really might help, but in the long run it just disappears and leaves us feeling our guilt and shame. We all know we are going to stumble and fall. If we do not we can not learn. By doing things on our own, and using our agency we are able to learn. 

It is just as a father teaching a child how to ride a bike. If the father holds on and walks the child in circles, the child does not learn to do it on his own. Where as when the father lets go and lets the pain of wrecking or tipping over happen. The child then learns to do it on his own. Heavenly Father lets us fall so we can learn. We just have to take our agency and do what He would have us do. And when the time happens that we do fall or "tip over" He provided a way for us to heal. When we repent. We have a way back.

President Thomas S. Monson said the following,
If any has stumbled in his journey, there is a way back. The process is called repentance. Our Savior died to provide you and me that blessed gift. Though the path is difficult, the promise is real: 'Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow' (Isaiah 1:18)."
Through sincere repentance we align our works with Gods will. And promise to follow his comandments. I know that when we repent God forgives us. We no longer feel that pain and guilt that comes from our mistakes. We become free, and we can return to live in Gods presence knowing that we are worthy to live there.

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