Saturday, May 7, 2011

To My Mom!

     Being the day before mothers day I thought it would only be appropriate to write a blog on mothers. In honor of my own mom. Who for the first nineteen years of my life put up with all of my weird habits and just me.
            My mom taught us as children to love and trust the lord. She did so by her example.
     I think of a few other mothers who taught their sons to trust in the lord as well. In Alma chapter 56 the 2000 stripling warriors rehearsed to Helaman. "...we do not doubt our mothers knew it." (Alma 56: 45-48)
     Because of what my mom taught me and gave me the standards that I try to live by, there were many times where I was kept from possible hurt or danger because I knew what would disappoint my mom. President Monson said in his talk "Behold Thy Mother", "Men turn form evil and yield to their better natures when mother is remembered." President Joseph F. Smith said, "The love of a true mother comes nearer (to) being like the love of God than any other kind of love."
     I know that my mom loves me very much. I feel sorry for all the times that I may have cause grief and worry. Many nights it would be close to midnight and when I would arrive at home there would be a lone light on in the front room. Sometimes watching tv, just others reading, but mom was always there awake waiting for me to come home. I knew I could talk to my mom and what I told her was safe. She always had an answer, sometimes I didn't like it but it was always the one that made things right. Mom always sacrificed for us kids. I don't know how many times she went with out so us kids didn't have to do so. I am grateful for her and the life she has given me. I will never be able to repay the love that she has given to me. Thank you mom!

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