Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hope is it really there?

A few days ago, Elder Coker and I made our way to Baker MT. It on the eastern side of Montana, and is pretty flat. We had about a fifty mile drive where we drove pretty much straight. Along the way there was rolling hills that seemed to go on for ever. As we would crest the top of one hill you could see the top of the next. For a while I thought we were never going to get here. Just as you would think that you would be able to see out across the prairie you would drop into a low land. Just as I thought we were on top we would begin to go back down. As I thought of it this morning, we all have our own ups and downs. Some of our trials can be really depressing. We can get down really easy. Whether its the weather outside, or trials within our family life and work. Life sometimes just doesn't seem fair. It becomes really easy to give up hope.
Elder Uchtdorf gave this great talk on the power of hope. It is truly a blessing to have prophets and apostles on the earth today to guide us, lift us when we are down, and give us comfort in times of need. I know that God calls them to teach, warn and testify to us in these days.

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